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Product Details
AirView 9
By : Ubiquiti

Category : Spectrum Analizer

Price : $39.95

Product Details :

Spectrum Analyzer by Ubiquiti Networks



For many professional installers, analyzing the 900MHz spectrum to determine the optimum setup for new wireless equipment is imperative. Typically, this is done with a tool called a "Spectrum Analyzer", costing from several hundreds to tens of thousands of dollars, which is capable of displaying the distribution of RF energy in the 900MHz band.

The Airview Spectrum Analyzer is useful in studying all RF energy contributors in the 900MHz band, but has particularly useful tools that make it ideal for optimizing 900MHz WiFi Networks. Airview is available in four different models: Airview2 (2.4GHz), Airview2-EXT (2.4GHz, external antenna), Airview9 (900MHz), Airview9-EXT (900MHz, external antenna).

Channel Usage Chart

Waveform Chart

Real-time Chart

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